Weekly Update 9/26-9/30

Greeting Westlane Families,

This is Principal Pitcock with the Weekly Update. 

I want to start off by thanking everyone who attended “Muffins With Mom” on Friday – we had over 200 people here and everyone had a good time.  To my guys out there – the ladies put up a big number on Friday, so bring Dads, Uncles, and Grandfathers to “Donuts with Dads” on Friday, September 30 from 8:00 to 8:45 to see if we can get 200 people for that as well.  I want to thank the PTO for helping register people and give a big shout-out to Ms. Jordan and her cafeteria staff for a great setup.

Fundraising orders will be available for pickup from Westlane Middle School on Tuesday, 9/27, from 3:30 – 5:30. You will have a second opportunity to pick up orders on Thursday, 9/29, from 1:00 – 4:30. We are grateful to our students and those of you who’ve been supportive of their efforts. Everyone did a fantastic job! If you have any questions, you may direct them to Betsy Harvey at betsyjharvey@gmail.com

Here are a few reminders as we near the end of the nine weeks.  7th graders – if you want to go to EU, you need to turn in your money in the bookstore.  Mrs. Monroe at 23702 will have more details.  8th Graders – don’t forget you are going to Job Spark on Friday.  Also, if I sent you a call about immunizations – please get those records into Mrs. Anderson ASAP.

As we near the end of the nine weeks, I encourage you to stay up-to-date on Skyward and Westlanehomework.com.  If you do not have your Skyward log-in information, please email or call us here and we can get it for you.  There is no password for westlanehomework.com

Now on to the weekly update:

Monday, September 26 (White Day) – We have Co-Ed Tennis at Northview and the Westlane Round Up Make Up race is on Monday.  The Advanced Orchestra Festival is at North Central at 6:30 that evening.  Academically – Mrs. Thiems’s 6th grade Reading class is reading an excerpt from Derek Jeter’s “Playing to Win”

Tuesday, September 27 (Blue Day) – Cross Country is running away vs Zionsville, Brownsburg and Lincoln, which feeds into Pike High School. Fundraiser orders are available for pickup from 3:30 to 5:30.   At 7:00, the Advanced Band Festival is at North Central.  Academically, Mr. Curry’s Pre-Algebra class is working on Scientific Notation.

Wednesday, September 28 (White Day) – Wildcat Wednesday starts at 8:00, you may begin drop-off starting at 7:45.  Students must be here by 8:15. The last football game of the season takes place at Guion Creek (Pike) for 7th grade and home vs Guion Creek for 8th Grade.  Volleyball closes its season in the District Tournament.  Tennis ends its season at home vs Guion Creek, Boys’ soccer is at Eastwood and Girls’ Soccer is home vs Eastwood.  Mrs. Campbell’s 8th Grade Science is working on Bohr Models.

Thursday, September 29 (Blue Day) – Fundraiser orders are available for pick-up from 1:00 – 4:30.  Boys’ soccer ends its season at home vs Eastwood while Girls’ Soccer ends its season at Eastwood.  Ms. Cawthorne’s Beginning Spanish classes are having a vocabulary quiz, so study, study, study!

Friday, September 30 (White Day) – Donuts With Dads will start our day from 8:00 to 8:45.  Please visit westlanepto.com to RSVP.  Mr. McElroy’s Exploring Music classes will be working on their sound effects project.  This also marks the end of the 1st nine weeks grading period.  Report cards will go home October 14.  Fall Break starts after school –there will be no school October 1-9, though Cross Country does have a meet Saturday, October 1 at the Chapel Hill Center.

I will not make a phone call home next Sunday, but will speak with you again on October 9.  Have a great week and a great Fall Break!


Weekly Update 9/19-9/23

Greetings Westlane Families,

It’s hard to believe, but we only have two weeks left of school in the first nine weeks.  We have several exciting things planned for students and parents over the next few weeks.  Muffins with Mom is this Friday, September 23 at 8:00 AM.  Donuts with Dad is Friday, September 30 at 8:00 AM.  Visit www.westlanepto.com to RSVP.  You are more than welcome to come if you don’t RSVP, but this gives us a good idea of how many muffins we need to order. 

One major change from last year I want to let you know about is our early release days.  We have four of them this school year, and our first one is this Thursday, September 22.  We will release the students at 3:00 PM.  Athletes will not be released early; we will supervise them in our cafeteria.  Everyone else must be picked up or get on the bus to go home. 

This upcoming Friday is North Central’s Homecoming.  We will be celebrating Homecoming with our Spirit Week, which I will be mentioning in the update later.  We are also collecting loose change for our penny war.  If you have loose change, send it in and put it in the plastic container at the front desk. 

As we near the end of the nine weeks, I encourage you to stay up-to-date on Skyward and Westlanehomework.com.  If you do not have your Skyward log-in information, please email or call us here and we can get it for you.  There is no password for westlanehomework.com

Now on to the weekly update:

Monday, September 19 (Blue Day) – It is Mix-up Monday for Spirit Week – mix up those socks and shoes, wear plaid and stripes, or wear Purdue and IU gear all at once.  There are no athletic events this evening.  Academically, 6th grade Science with Mr. Ramirez and Ms. Neff are studying for their matter test.

Tuesday, September 20 (White Day) – Tuesday is Jersey Day.  Athletically, we have Volleyball at Eastwood, Soccer at home vs Lynhurst which is a Ben Davis feeder, and Tennis vs Lincoln, which is a Pike School.  Mrs. Kleeman’s 7th grade Language and Literature is working on their “This I Believe” essays.

Wednesday, September 21 (Blue Day) – Wildcat Wednesday starts at 8:00, you may begin drop-off starting at 7:45.  Students must be here by 8:15. For Spirit Week, we are having 21st Century Scholars College Day.  Wear your college gear.  Also, if you are a 7th or 8th Grade parent, take time today to check out 21st Century Scholars online at scholars.in.gov.  You can also touch base with Mrs. Woods or Mrs. Patsel for more information.  Athletically, there is tennis at home vs Eastwood, Volleyball at home vs Tindley, Boys’ Soccer is home vs Decatur, which feeds into Decatur Central, and Girls’ Soccer is at Decatur.  Academically, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Jackson are working on Multiplying and Dividing exponents in their 8th grade Pre-Algebra Class.

Thursday, September 22 (White Day) – Everyone should Wear Westlane on Thursday.  Again it is an early release day at 3:00.  Athletes who have events that evening will stay in the Cafeteria after school.  Cross country has its Picnic Celebration, 7th Grade football is home vs Eastwood, 8th grade Football is at Eastwood, Boys’ Soccer is home vs Chapel Hill, which is a Ben Davis school, and Girls’ soccer is at Chapel Hill.  Advanced French is working on writing a letter in French to a sibling or cousin.

Friday, September 23 (Blue Day) – Muffins with Mom at 8:00 starts our day. Friday is Red and Black Friday in honor of our NC Panthers.  We will be having a Student Recognition Program that day, and North Central will play their Homecoming football game at 7:00.  There are several events happening before the football game, so join us on North Central’s campus for the fun.  Academically, Choirs have their Treble Clef packets due that day.

Saturday, September 24 – Volleyball MIC Championships.

Weekly Update 9/12-9/16

Greeting Westlane Families,

September is a great month to be in school!  The air gets a bit crisper, the leaves start to turn, and schools across the nation are getting into full swing.  Westlane is no exception.  We are over halfway through the first quarter and I am pleased with the work our teachers and students have put in to start the year off well.  Having said that, we know we can do better.  One area I want to work on is having parents in for informal settings.  I know that a lot of parents, grandparents, aunt, uncles and guardians come to Westlane for athletic events, honors programs, musical concerts and back to school nights, but we want to have you in just because.  To that end, I want to talk about some very exciting things we are rolling out in September to welcome you into our school.  First, you should all know that our wonderful PTO is always welcoming new parents and would love to have you join.  Visit www.westlanepto.com for all the information.  Of course we have two facility tours scheduled for September.  One on Wednesday, September 14 from 4:30 to 5:00 PM and one on Friday, September 30 from 7:30 to 8:00 AM.  Two cool events we want to make a tradition at Westlane are happening on back-to-back Fridays.  On Friday, September 23, we are having a “Muffins with Mom” from 8:00 to 9:00 AM.  There is no set program, just the chance for your child to bring mom, grandma, aunt or adult female guardian to Westlane, have some muffins and juice with them, and walk them around the school.  It will be a very casual setting.  On Friday, September 30, we are having “Donuts with Dad.”  Again, this will be a very informal time with students and their dad, grandfather, uncle, or adult male guardian to come in and share some donuts and juice.  My hope is that both events are well-attended.  We would like to get an idea on how many people might be attending, so please visit www.westlanepto.com to sign up to come.  It is not required that you sign up, but it will give us an idea of what we have to buy in terms of food.  Finally, we would love to have parents volunteer to help us out during the school day.  If you have time to spare to help in the media center, cafeteria, front desk or various places in the school, please let us know.  The volunteer applications process is pretty quick and we would love to have you in any capacity.


Now on to the weekly update:

Monday, September 12 (White Day) – We have athletic pictures after school for all teams as well as soccer at Guion Creek, which feeds into Pike.  Academically – Mr. Bauserman’s 6th grade I and S class will be studying Greece in the Media Center.

Tuesday, September 13 (Blue Day) – Cross Country is at Creston vs. Stonybrook and Creston, which both feed into Warren Central and Volleyball vs Riverside.  6th Grade Intramurals happen after school as well – we are playing Ultimate Frisbee this week. In academics, Mr. Doss and Mrs. Monroe’s 7th grade Science classes will be working on their Rock foldables.

Wednesday, September 14 (White Day) – Wildcat Wednesday starts at 8:00, you may begin drop-off starting at 7:45.  There is a Tennis match at Creston and Boys’ Soccer at Northview.  Girls’ soccer is home vs Northview. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra is working on irrational numbers

Thursday, September 15 (Blue Day) – The 8th Grade Football team is at Northview and the 7th grade team plays Northview here at Westlane.  The Girls Volleyball team is Home vs. New Augusta, which is a Pike school. Also, Ms. Cawthorne’s Intermediate Spanish is taking their conjugation quiz.

Friday, September 14 (White Day) – Ms. Randles’s 6th grade Language and Literature classes are finishing their project.  If you want to know more about our academic happenings, please visit westlanehomework.com.

Saturday athletics include the Cross Country and Tennis MIIC Championships.

Also, our NWEA reports went home on Friday, for more information, please visit the district website under the parents tab to learn more about the assessment.

Weekly Update 9/6-9/9

Good evening Westlane families!


I hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend.  We are already midway through the first quarter of the year.  My hope is that the midterms that the students receive this Friday are up to your expectations.  If not, setting new goals with your children and examining study routines may be of help.  If your child’s midterms are good, how do we maintain that high level?  One way parents can stay connected with their child’s academic progress is through Skyward.  If you are currently not familiar with Skyward, contact the school and we can give you login instructions and passwords.  If you set a great password that even you can’t remember, we can reset those.  Skyward has a mobile app as well that is free and allows you to check grades on the phone.  I encourage every student and parent to become familiar with Skyward this week.  Also, don’t forget to check out westlanehomework.com and all of our social media sites to keep up with all things Westlane.


And now the weekly update:

Tuesday, September 6  (White Day) – 6th grade intramurals are after school – Mr. Goodman and Mr. Roberts are moving intramurals to Tuesdays.  We also have Boys’ Soccer at Park Tudor.

Wednesday, September 7 (Blue Day) – Our day starts off with Wildcat Wednesday at 8:00 AM.  Remember that drop-off can start at 7:45. There is a home Cross Country meet against Lincoln (Pike) and Sycamore that afternoon.

Thursday, September 8 (White Day) – We have Boys’ Soccer at home vs Lincoln (Pike); Girls’ Soccer at Eastwood; Tennis at home vs. Park Tudor; 7th grade football at Lincoln; 8th Grade football here vs. Lincoln; and the Volleyball teams start the Marion County Tournament at Guion Creek.

Friday, September 9 (Blue Day)– Midterms and NWEA scores come home.

Saturday, September 10 – The Westlane Roundup begins here at 9:00.  Also, if the Volleyball team wins Thursday, they will play at Eastwood in the Marion county tournament.

Have a great week and go Wildcats!

Weekly Update 8/29-9/2

Good Evening Westlane Families!

Wow, what an eventful week last week!  We had two separate Weather events that affected arrival and dismissal and a two-hour delay in August.  I can definitely say it was a one-of-a-kind week here at Westlane.  The great part was, however, that the students, staff, and parents here at Westlane handled it in a very calm and flexible manner.  That is something I think we are all used to.  I want to take just a moment to thank our parents, bus drivers, teachers, IAs, secretaries Police Officers, custodians and parents for all working together to protect our students and ensure their safe arrival and dismissal.  While I hope we don’t have a week like that again, I am certainly confident in the fact that the Westlane community can handle whatever challenges are thrown at us.


6th Grade Questions – Often times I get questions about certain programs here at Westlane, especially from parents of sixth grade students that aren’t used to some of the things we offer here.  Today I want to talk about 6th grade Intramurals.  Sixth grade intramurals happen on Thursday and are sponsored by Mr. Roberts and Mr. Goodman.  They allow sixth grade students to participate in team sports that aren’t available to them.  The cost is free and they simply need a parent consent form to stay after.  Each student may take the late bus home.  This month’s activity is indoor soccer.


Activities for the week:

Monday, August 29 – Volleyball at Guion Creek (Pike) – Athletic Pictures have been rescheduled

Tuesday, August 30 – Cross country at home vs. Orchard, Tennis at Northview, Volleyball at Lincoln (Pike), Boys’ Soccer at home vs. Lynhurst (Ben Davis) and Girls’ soccer at Lynhurst.

Wednesday, August 31 – Wildcat Wednesday at 8 AM and  Tennis at Orchard

Thursday, September 1 – 7th Grade Football at Fall Creek Valley (Lawrence North), 8th Grade Football home vs. Fall Creek Valley, Boys’ Soccer Home vs Belzer (Lawrence Central) and Girls’ Soccer at Belzer.

Friday, September 2 is College Colors Day – Wear your favorite College Gear.  That night will be Middle School Band night and Middle School Football Recognition Night at the North Central Game.  Friday also marks the end of the first midterm grading period.  Midterms will be sent home on Friday, September 9.

Don’t forget there is no school on Monday, September 5, which is Labor Day. 

Let’s have a great week Wildcats!!

Weekly Update 8/22-8/26

Good Evening Westlane Families!


As hard as it may seem to believe, we are already entering our fourth week of school.  Time certainly flies when you are having fun, and we certainly hope your child is enjoying his or her time at Westlane.  Often times when a child, especially at the middle school level, is experiencing troubles, they won’t say anything about it and try to fix it themselves or they let the situation affect them in a negative way.  Encourage your child to communicate with you or an adult here at school if there is a situation causing them anxiety or fear for their personal safety.  We want our students to be happy and healthy here at Westlane, and communicating any concerns they might have goes a long way in ensuring that happens

Weekly update

We have a Jam-packed week of Wildcat Activities:

Monday, August 22 is school picture day – Inter-state is going online this year with their orders and I am attaching the link to this email – it can be found at inter-state.com/flyerentry/08381gf. 

On Monday afternoon our girls’ volleyball team is home vs. Fall Creek Valley (Lawrence North).

On Tuesday, August 23, we have a home Boys Soccer Game vs. Northview. 

On Thursday, we have a Girls’ Soccer game vs Fall Creek Valley (Lawrence North) – a Volleyball game vs. Belzer (Lawrence Central), and a 7th grade home football game vs. New Augusta (Pike).  The 7th grade cheerleaders will be cheering at that game as well. 

Friday, August 26 is our first Open Gym from 7 to 9 PM.  There are several fun activities in store for that evening.  The cost is $5 per student and they must have their ID.  There will also be snacks for sale which helps out our Best Buddies program.  Pick-up from the Open Gym will be at 9:00 PM.

As always, follow us on social media and visit our website.  Most importantly, make sure you are on Skyward and visiting westlanehomework.com to check your child’s academic progress.


Have a great week Wildcats!

Weekly Update 8/14/16

Good evening Westlane families!

We have had a very good start to our 2016-17 school year!  Our new students and 6th graders are really starting to get the hang of the block schedule and their lockers.  We are excited about the possibilities here at Westlane this year and hope you are as well.



With our phones being down this week, it got me thinking about how we communicate with our parents and community in general.  Are we using all possible avenues at our disposal?  Are we utilizing available and ready technology?  To that end, I want to share with you some of the new ways we will be able to send out information:  Of course, if you are receiving this message either by phone or email, you have given us contact information in Skyward.  Skyward has a record of all grades and assignments and can be accessed at skyward.msdwt.k12.in.us – it is my expectation that this is updated weekly.  Another form of communication is our website, which is www.msdwt.k12.in.us/wl – this has our calendar of events that mirror our agenda books, but it also allows us to change and edit things as needed and it refreshes each night so it is up to date.  We also have a presence in social media.  First off, we have a facebook page – just search “Westlane Middle School” – this allows us to showcase the great things happening at Westlane and allows us to get out updates and info in an instant.  We have two twitter feeds – @WestlaneMS and @WestlaneSports.  We have started an Instagram at westlanewildcats and we have a Pinterest page at Westlane Wildcats.  I have started a weekly blog on wordpress.com, it is called principalpitcock and can be found at principalpitcock.wordpress.com.  Finally, we are very excited to bring to you our online homework hotline.  We calculated that it would take 32 rings to get just four classes worth of homework using our phone system.  So we are using a google sheet to collect all of our homework in one place.  Our sister school Northview piloted this last year to great success, so we are bringing it to Westlane.  It is located on the web at westlanehomework.com.

Activities for the week – we have a very full week ahead here at Westlane.  On Tuesday night, we have a 6:00 Parent meeting for all Fall Athletes in football, cross country, tennis, volleyball and cheerleading.  From 6:30 to 8:00 is our Back to School Night where you can meet the teachers here at Westlane.  On Wednesday, we kick off our Red Apple Fundraising for our PTO fundraiser – look for those forms and catalogs coming home that day.  On Thursday we have our first home football game as the 7th grade takes on Raymond Park here at Westlane.  Our 8th grade football team is at Raymond Park and our Volleyball team is at Lynhurst. 


Coming up on Monday, August 22 is school picture day – look for those order forms to come home next week and we will have some available at Back-to-School Night as well.


Have a great week and Go Wildcats!