Weekly Update 11/28


Good evening Westlane Families!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and restful break.  We are entering a critical time of the year and it is important that we are focused on having a successful end to the first semester.  NWEA begins this week.  NWEA is the formative assessment we administer three times a year.  There are two different areas in which we test the students: Reading and Math.  NWEA is an adaptive test.  If a student gets a question right, the next question is harder, if a student gets a question wrong, the next question is easier.  Eventually, through answering the questions, a student gets a RIT score.  This RIT score then tells us what level the student is compared with his or her peers nationally.  A student will also have a goal score from their previous test.  We here at Westlane use the NWEA results to let us know each student’s strengths and area of growth – this allows us to tailor our classroom lessons to meet the needs of each student and develop their strengths.  I believe the students and teachers here at Westlane are starting to become familiar with the test and the data from the assessment.  If you ever have any questions about NWEA and its results, don’t hesitate to contact me.

And now on to the weekly update:

Monday, November 28 – (White Day) – We will be back at it at 9:10.  Academically, Mr. Whitlow’s Language and Literature class will be looking at Jonas’s character development in their novel.

Tuesday, November 29 – (Blue Day) – Boys’ Basketball will be at Guion Creek for the first round of the Marion County Tournament.  6th grade Intramurals will be after school.  For all 6th and 7th grade parents, there will be a Parent Meeting for our new Social Health Program at 6:30 at the CEC Building.  Academically, the Math portion of NWEA testing continues in all Math classes.

Wednesday, November 30 – (White Day) – Our day starts off with Wildcat Wednesday at 8:00 AM.  Remember that drop-off can start at 7:45. We will ask any students that arrive after 8:20 AM to wait in the front.  There is an Academic Pursuit meet at Northview after school.  Academically – Don’t forget to take your AR test for Reading and Language and Literature.

Thursday, December 1 – (Blue Day) – Boys’ Basketball Marion County Tournament continues at Fall Creek Valley.  Ms. Carlisle’s Beginning Spanish Class has VISA #2 due this day.

Friday, December 2 – (White Day) – NWEA Reading testing continues in all Language and Literature Classes. 


Have a great week!!


Weekly Update 11/14

Hello Westlane Families!

As I reflect on the many things for which I am thankful, I want to take this opportunity to share just a few of them with you:  I am thankful for our students who come to school every day ready to learn – they give me a daily reminder of what is important and why we are here.  I am thankful for the teachers, counselors, assistants, bus drivers, secretaries, our nurse, cafeteria workers, support staff and administrators who serve the students of Westlane.  I am so thankful for all of you who share your most valuable possession with us and advocate to be a partner in their children’s education, safety and well-being. I am also thankful for those of you that volunteer enthusiastically here at Westlane.  With all of these parts working together, Westlane continues to be a special place in which we all work, learn and grow. 

Now for our weekly update –

Monday, November 14 – Blue Day – Our book fair opens in the Forum.  Students will be able to go to the book fair through their Lang and Lit and Reading classes.  We will also let them go during lunch if they wish.  We are also extending our “All for Books” Coin Drive until Wednesday.  Let’s see if we can top last year’s total of almost $1000.  Academically, 6th grade Reading will be reading the Aron Ralston Story and working on inferences

Tuesday, November 15 – White Day – Our Beginning Music classes have their beginning music Recital in the South Gym beginning at 7:00.  We also have a Boys’ Basketball game that evening in the North Gym.  Parking for the concert, especially those with wheelchair and handicapped needs, should be back by door 7 near the tennis courts. Parking is also available in the front of the building – just use Door #1 to walk through the building back to the concert.  The Book Fair will be open that evening as well.  6th grade Math will working on lesson 11-2 – evaluating algebraic expressions

Wednesday, November 16 – Blue Day –We start the day with Wildcat Wednesday.  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 AM.  We do not let anyone in after 8:20. The Academic Pursuit Team has a meet vs Eastwood here at Westlane.  7th grade Science has an Interactive Lecture over Energy Sources.

Thursday, November 17 – White Day – We have a home basketball game vs New Augusta.  8th Grade Language and Literature classes are doing their Outlier Gallery Walk and Reflection.

Friday, November 18 – Blue Day – This is the last day for our Book Fair.  Thank you to Lynn Presley for coordinating the Book Fair for us this year.  Solo and Ensemble money is due in all music classes.  Advanced Spanish will review and take their quiz over –AR verbs. 

Thanksgiving Break will begin immediately after school on Friday and we will be closed for the week of Thanksgiving.  I wish each Westlane family a Happy Thanksgiving and I will speak with you next on Sunday, November 27.  Have a great week!

Weekly Update 11/7

Good evening Parents!

I want to talk a bit about our At Home Learning day.  On Tuesday, November 8th, the MSDWT faculty will be participating in a Professional Development Day -­‐ -­‐ developing curriculum, sharing and learning best practices, and learning how to better utilize technology in the classroom. Students will not report to school on November 8th.

 Students will be required to participate in “At Home” learning activities.

The “At Home” learning activities will take significantly less time for students to complete than the time they are in attendance on a regular school day. Therefore, the “At Home” learning requirement is not replacing a full instructional day.

The “At Home” learning activities require students to participate online on a digital device such as a tablet or computer. This is not an “eLearning” day but will test our capacity to deliver online instruction. Student participation in the “At Home” learning activities on November 8th is essential to grow our district’s ability to provide online learning opportunities and extend classroom activities. Westlane will test this online capacity through our math classes using activities in SpringBoard.   The activities will be monitored and tracked in order to help us determine the student participation level and Internet access.  Some classes are working on Canvas as well. If a student lacks the access to participate in the online portion of the activities, they will not be penalized.

Students will be required to participate in “At Home” learning activities.   All white day classes have already been given instructions on what to do during that day, online or written.  Monday is a Blue Day and those students will be given instructions then.  We have a special At-Home Learning column on our Homework Hotline at http://www.westlanehomework.com that gives the link for SpringBoard and has all written or reading assignments.  It is also in red to stand out.

Now on to the weekly update.

Monday, November 7 is a Blue Day – We are starting our “All for Books” Coin Drive in DD classes.  This will go throughout the week.  The DD class from each grade that donates the most money will win a prize to be received sometime after Thanksgiving break. 

Speaking of the book fair, we still need volunteers to work the week of the fair.  Anytime you can offer is welcome.  If you cannot sign up online, just give your child a note or leave a time at the front desk with their name, date and time and we will enter it in for you.  Ms. Cawthorne’s Intermediate Spanish class is working on their “Dia de los Muertos” packets.

Tuesday, November 8 is our At-Home Learning Day.  We will not count it as a Blue or White Day.  7th Grade Science Classes’ At-Home Learning activity is to read the Energy Article.  Science 7X will be practicing balancing equations.  To view all assignments for today – visit www.westlanehomework.com.

Wednesday, November 9 is a White Day.  We start the day with Wildcat Wednesday.  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:45 AM.  We do not let anyone in after 8:20.  There is a basketball game home vs. Tindley.  Mr. Cox and Mr. Curry will be reviewing in their 7th Grade Math classes for their Unit 2 test on Thursday and Friday.  The “All for Books” Coin Drive continues in DD.

Thursday, November 10 is a Blue Day.  Ms. Randles’s students will be taking a quiz over the first five chapters of Hachet

Friday, November 11 is a White Day.  8th Grade will be taking their field trip to JEL.  Mrs. Farnsworth’s 6th grade I and S class will be doing a Roman Politics Simulation.  This is also the last day of the “All for Books” Coin drive.  Interims go home today as well. 

As a community reminder, Girl Scout Troop 442 is still collecting Shoes for their shoe drive.  The collection box is under our display case in the front foyer area.

Weekly Update 10/31

Good evening Westlane families!

As October winds down, we say hello to a VERY busy November.  November 3 is an early release day, we will be releasing students at 3:00, so all stops will be moved up one hour.  On November 4, we will have “Pancakes with the Parents” in our cafeteria starting at 8:00 AM.  This is for the whole family, students included.  Please RSVP at www.westlanepto.com.  You can also volunteer for our Book Fair on there as well.  On November 5, our Advancement Center is hosting our annual Bash at Crane Bay.  You can find out more about that at http://www.advancementcenterwts.org/.  On Sunday November 6, North Central is hosting an Open House from 2-5 PM.  I encourage all of you to attend if possible, not just 8th grade students.  Mr. Branigan will be calling this evening to invite you as well.  On November 8, we will be having an At-Home Learning Day.  Westlane will be closed that day.  Regarding the election, I am attaching a factual document about the two referenda questions that Washington Township Schools will have on the ballot that day.

The first question will determine if the MSDWT is able to maintain our current staffing levels and address future staffing needs.  Currently, $4 million of staffing costs are supported by a referendum.  If passed, the November 8th Operating Referendum continues funding for current teachers and support staff, includes additional funding to staff an 8th elementary school, and provides funds for additional student support.

The second ballot question will determine if the MSDWT is able to provide upgrades to every building in the district.  The funds generated by the November 8th Construction Referendum would be used to provide items such as fire sprinklers, handicapped accessibility to classrooms, stages, gymnasiums and playgrounds, repair and replace roofs, replace heating and cooling systems, secure entrances to our school buildings, and upgrades to our high school’s performing arts department and auditorium. 

Referendum funds would also eliminate the need for trailer classrooms by adding an 8th elementary school.  To review the exact questions as they will appear on the ballot, please review http://www.msdwt.k12.in.us/referenda/ .

We encourage everyone to learn the facts regarding school funding, our community-based planning process, and the two ballot questions.  You will find many helpful presentations and documents on our website: www.msdwt.k12.in.us.  Just click on our Planning for the Future link.

And now the weekly update:

 Monday, October 31 – White Day.  Even though it is Halloween, we do not wear costumes to school – 8th Grade Lang and Lit is reading “The Trouble with Geniuses”

Tuesday, November 1 – Blue Day – 6th grade intramurals are after school – we have a Boys’ Basketball Parent Meeting for those who made the two teams.  Our Orchestra has their Side-By-Side Concert at 7:00. 8th Grade Pre-Algebra will be working on the Distributive Property. 

Wednesday, November 2– White Day – Our day starts off with Wildcat Wednesday at 8:00 AM.  Remember that drop-off can start at 7:45. 6th grade I and S classes are learning the GRAPES of Rome 

Thursday, November 3 – Blue Day – This is an Early Release Day – There is a 7th grade Science Quiz over atoms

Friday, November 4 – White Day – “Pancakes with the Parents” is at 8:00.  Band has a Side-By-Side concert at 7:00 PM.  6th grade Lang and Lit has their AR book due.    

Have a great week and go Wildcats!

Weekly Update 10/24

Good Evening Westlane Families! I would like to take a moment touch upon an assessment that we use here at Westlane to help us get an idea of how students are doing.  We began giving the NWEA test last school year.  We take the assessment three times a year, August, December and May.  We assess three main areas – Math, Reading and Language Usage.  Each of these areas have various proficiency areas as well.  This last Friday, we spent some time in DD classes going over each student’s areas of strength and areas for growth in each of the tests.  I encourage you to ask your child which areas were strengths (in green) and which areas they can improve on (in yellow.)  The students may have to refer back to their goal sheets, but they will be able to answer the question.  It is my hope that we continue to get better at understanding the parts of NWEA and how it can help us grow as learners. 


Now the weekly update:


Monday, October 24 (Blue Day) – We begin Basketball tryouts for the 7th and 8th grade students after school.  Academically, Ms. Higginson’s 6th grade Math class is working on integers on a number line.


Tuesday, October 25 (White Day) – We have a PTO Parent Meeting at 6:00 in the Forum and our Math Carnival from 6:30 to 8:00.  This is a free event for the whole family, so come and join the fun.  Academically, Mr. Miller and Mr. Bauserman are going over the GRAPES of Rome in their I and S class.


Wednesday, October 26 (Blue Day) – Wildcat Wednesday starts our day at 8:00.  You may begin dropping off students at 7:45. After school we have our Academic Pursuit team callout for all students.  Academic Pursuit is a trivia challenge competition (kind of like “Brain Game” on Channel 13) that takes place between various Marion County Schools.  Our 6th grade team won the Marion County Title last year.  Band has its “Side by Side” Rehearsal that evening at 6:30. Academically, Mr. Bryant is going over the Code of Hammurabi in his 7th grade I and S class.


Thursday, October 27 (White Day) – Orchestra has its “Side by Side” Rehearsal beginning at 6:15 PM.  7th grade Language and Literature will begin their “Shark Tank” presentations


Friday, October 28 (Blue Day) – Ms. Carlisle’s Beginning Spanish class will be taking an MYP Exam over Criterion C.


Looking into the future – Thursday, November 3 is an early release day.  November 4, Westlane will be hosting a “Pancakes with the Parents” breakfast at 8:00.  We will have a sign-up very soon on Westlanepto.com.  Speaking about the PTO, in addition to our Meeting on Tuesday, we are looking for volunteers for our Book Fair during November 14-20.  Please visit westlanepto.com to sign up. 


November 5th is our Advancement Center BASH – November 6 is North Central’s Open House from 2 to 5 PM.  November 8 is an At-Home E-learning Day.


Have a great week!

Weekly Update 10/17

Greetings Westlane Families –

By now, most of you have seen your child’s report card.  Regardless of grades, everyone can find one thing that they can improve on.  This week, I encourage you to have conversations with your child about finding one area in which they can improve.  We also want to celebrate good work as well.  It is always awesome to hear kids talking in the hall about their excitement in making the honor roll.  If your child achieved a 3.2 or higher GPA or all 5s in conduct, please join us on Tuesday at 7:00 PM for our Honors Celebration.  This year, due to some events, we are having the Celebration for the first quarter very quick after the report cards.  Because of this, we sent letters home with the students about the Honor’s Celebration rather than mailing them.

From a school perspective, I always welcome your input as to how Westlane can improve in any area – several tweaks to the weekly update has come about from input from parents. 

This week is our bully awareness and prevention week in all DD classes.  Thanks to our counselors, Mrs. Patsel and Mrs. Woods for heading up this effort.

And now the Weekly update:

Monday, October 17 (White Day) – We will be starting Anti-Bullying lessons in DD.  Academically, Ms. Higginson’s 6th grade Math class is ordering mixed numbers and multiplying fractions.

Tuesday, October 18 (Blue Day) – Our Athletic Awards Ceremony is at 6:00 PM in the Cafeteria.  Our Honors Celebration is in the North Gym at 7:00. Academically, Mrs. Gollnick and Ms. Seibert will be having their 8th Grade English class reading “10,000 Hours”

Wednesday, October 19 (White Day) – There is no Wildcat Wednesday on this Wednesday.  Wednesday is a day for everyone to wear orange to raise awareness for anti-bullying.  Academically, Mr. Curry’s Pre-Algebra-X class is having a unit 1 test.

Thursday, October 20 (Blue Day) – After school, we are having our Student-Staff Volleyball game.  The cost will be $2 and students can take the late bus home.  Academically, Mrs. Campbell’s 8th grade Science class will be researching an element.

Friday, October 21 (White Day) – Intermediate French will be working on their Sport Presentation.  We will also have Open gym that evening from 7-9 PM.  The cost is $5.

For the week of October 24th – Boys Basketball tryouts are October 24-26.  Our Math Carnival is Tuesday, October 25 from 6:30 – 8:00 with a PTO meeting at 6:00 that evening.  Academic Pursuit Team Callout is Wednesday, October 26 after school in the Media Center


Weekly Update 10/10

Greetings Westlane Families!

I hope each of you had a great Fall Break with your families!  I look forward to seeing everyone back at school tomorrow.  Monday starts the Second nine week grading period, so it is very important we get off to a great start.  October is a big month here at Westlane.  First, report cards come out this Friday, October 14.  Students will receive them during their DD classes.  On Tuesday, October 18, we will have our first Honors Celebration.  I will be sending that letter home ASAP and we will notify all students who are invited.  On Tuesday, October 25, we have our Math Carnival here at Westlane.  This is always a fun event for all ages, so bring the entire family. 


There will be NO Wildcat Wednesday this Wednesday, October 12 or Wednesday, October 19.  Our teachers will be in Professional Development those mornings.  We will have our next Wildcat Wednesday on Wednesday, October 26.  Stay tuned for some new clubs and activities for this quarter!


Those 7th Grade Students going to EU will be able to drop off bags Monday, October 10 from 4:30 to 7:00 PM and Tuesday Morning from 7:30 AM to 8:45 PM.  You must be out of the parking lot by 8:45.  Dropoff is at Door 7, back by the tennis courts.


And now the Weekly Update:

Monday, October 10 (Blue Day) – We have 7th Grade Bag Drop off for EU from 4:30 to &:00 PM.  Academically, we start the second quarter – each student has an A in every course – let’s start strong.


Tuesday, October 11 (White Day) – We have 7th grade Bag Drop off for EU from 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM.  Academically, all students will need to write their assignments in their agenda book.  Let’s make good daily habits.


Wednesday, October 12 (Blue Day) – There is NO Wildcat Wednesday today – 7th grade students going to EU can be dropped off at the front starting at 8:15.  Academically, students and parents should check Skyward for grades.  This way, you won’t have any surprises on Friday.


Thursday, October 13 (White Day) – Academically, please check out www.westlanehomework.com to see all assignments in every classroom.


Friday, October 14 (Blue Day) – Report cards will be coming home today.  EU students can be picked up in the back starting at 1:00 PM.


Have a great week!!